First and foremost, we are seeking to accredit Christian educational institutions who have a true heart for the Lord and who value quality education. ITAA is committed to working with applicants who desire a reputable and legitimate accreditation. The below is a synopsis of our expectations for accreditation:

ITAA accredits both the curriculum and the faculty of the institution. Therefore, we require validation of an educator’s credentials (copy of degree(s) and transcript to teach on the level and specific discipline of degree or higher on all courses for which the degree level is intended.)

  1. The programs to be accredited will be in Biblical/theological and ministry formation related areas only.
  2. The programs to be accredited will demonstrate compliance relative to criteria such as Bible/theology credit hours and student ministry.
  3. Institutional Mission. The objectives for programs to be accredited by ITAA are within the scope of the institutional mission or purpose.
  4. Catalog: An institution must have available to students and the public a current and accurate catalog setting forth the institution’s governance, mission, institutional goals, specific objectives, programs and courses, resources admissions and standards, academic offerings, rules and regulations for conduct, degree completion requirements, full- and part-time faculty rosters with faculty degrees, fees and other charges, refund policies, a policy defining solar toys satisfactory academic progress, graduation rates, and other items related to attending, transferring to, or withdrawing from the institution.
  5. Compliance: An institution must commit itself to comply with the Standards for Accreditation of ITAA either current or as hereafter modified during the period of its affiliation.
  6. Public Disclosure: An institution must attest in writing that it understands and agrees that ITAA may, at its discretion, make known to any agency or member of the public the nature of any action, positive or negative, regarding its program’s status with ITAA.
  7. Accredited institutions will provide ITAA with documents to support the following (omit any that are already included in the institution catalog):
    • Anti-discrimination policy
    • Student grievance policy
    • Disciplinary (academic) statement
    •  Lighting Ideas for bedroom
    • Educational philosophy
    • Mission statement
    • Example of student record folder
    • Copy of current student transcript (omit personal information)
    • Copy of graduated student transcript (omit personal information)
    • Copy of current on campus student attendance record (omit personal information)
    • Statement of credits required to receive degrees on all offered levels amazingfake