I am Allison Cobb, President of ITAA. My twenty-five year public school career spans a plethora of experience in planning, developing and implementing quality educational programming. As a former elementary school principal, I can attest to the importance of quality curriculum, the quality of instructional delivery and the implementation and monitoring thereof.
I started a theological accreditation company for two reasons. First, I desire to further the Kingdom of God in an environment where expression of one’s faith is welcomed and is not stifled due Hublot Replica to the separationof church and state. Second, I have a heart to see all students succeed regardless of their background or experience. I believe that success has no boundaries and that failure is not an option. Success is cultivated in an environment of belief, support and expectation that one can succeed and overcome no matter the obstacles. I believe that if a student does not succeed that it is the responsibility of the educators directly involved in the instruction baby care tips of that student, to ensure that processes are in place to motivate and engage the student beyond what seems humanly possible. My passion is to ensure that curriculum is aligned and properly delivered, and that students, whether in elementary school or in college, are given a top notch longitudinal educational experience through educators who have a passion to see every one of their students succeed. Marrying my religious beliefs and my deep knowledge in education, I recognize the need for an institution to assist theological universities toward this end. Non-governmental accreditation lays the foundation for universities to obtain an increase in student enrollment and thus, impacts the level of quality educational attainment for a multitude of students. Religious institutions of higher learning have the distinct honor of holding students’ futures in their hands and we would like to join hands with them as they shepherd the next generation into success and the knowledge of the Lord.